Updated Profile View and BattleTabs Live!

Update: Profile View

Many of you told us you want to change your avatar and your name in the game. So we added a new Profile View! You can open it by clicking on your profile button, and avatars in the battle view. You can add people as friend directly on their profile view.

Here’s a quick overview of how to change your avatar and your name:

BattleTabs Live

We launched something new on our Discord server - BattleTabs Live. It’s a Discord channel showing what’s happening in the world of BattleTabs - who’s just won, who’s having a winning streak, what fleets are used…etc. We think it’s very cool 😎 Check it out if you haven’t - BattleTabs Live.

Designing BattleTabs

Our game designer Tom wrote about the game design evolution behind BattleTabs. It gives you a glimpse into how we had evolved the core gameplay over the last year. Check it out here: Designing BattleTabs


Our Discord Creativity channel has been busy! Member Synth_Wave10 and It’s Drago put together a new song + gameplay video - our first BattleTabs Music Video! Check it out: