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Login on Any Browser
with Discord, Google, Email

We’ve completely updated our login system so you can now login with your Google or Discord account. This also means you can now log in from other browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Opera, or Coc Coc! This opens up a lot of cool integrations we want to do in the future. I am particularly excited about more integrations with BattleTabs Discord server!

There are also a number of quality of life updates (ex. invite to battle button on profile view, update on ability card styling…etc.). For more, check out our release note page

Overheard on Discord

Tahn on our Discord has written a list of the 10 types on BattleTabs players you might come across. Which one are you and who have you played against?

We now have over 1700 members on Discord where we discuss strategies, hangout, and play trivia and snake! Join the fun on BattleTabs Discord server!

I also want to give a shoutout to all our Community Mods and Community Heroes for helping everyone on the Discord server - you are key to helping us build a stronger community! 😀👏

As always, you can also find us on Reddit, Twitter, or YouTube to stay in touch!

Happy BattleTabbing!