Invite your friends to battle with a simple link!

Now there’s a new way to play BattleTabs with your friends, even if they don’t have the browser extension! Select Invite Anyone with Link after you click on New Battle and share your battle link with your friend. All they need to do is to click on that link to join your battle on - no install or signup required (and it works on mobile too)!

Updated Visuals and Sounds

You might also have noticed some visual and audio update last week. We are continuing to introduce new sound effects and upgraded graphics. As always, send us your suggestions on our Discord channel! 😀

BattleTabs Tournament 1 - Finals !

5 players remain in our very first tournament! It’s been an intense 2 week with some incredible matches - we will find out the winners soon! (I will announce the next tournament in the announcement channel on Discord soon after this one finishes.)

Follow the progress and join the discussions:

If you’ve missed signing up for this first tournament, we will host a second one on Discord soon! Make sure you join us on Discord so you don’t miss the announcement.

Have fun and battle on!
~ Brandon