New Fleet - Naval Intelligence, Tournament Winners!

New Fleet - Naval Intelligence!

Introducing Naval Intelligence - a fleet that’s ALL about building up a good idea of where your opponent is and ruining them with one massive combo attack! 😉

Use the Whale, Octopus, and Long Sub to gather all the intel you need, then use the Longboat’s combo attack to take out as many tiles as you can!

You can unlock Naval Intelligence when you win 3 battles with Vikings fleet. Go give it a try!

BattleTabs Tournament 1 - Final Results !

We finished our very first tournament! Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who participated.

🥇 First Place: @hwac (£25 Steam gift card winner)

🥈 Second Place: @bobth (£10 Steam gift card winner)

🥉 Third Place: @Evelin (£5 gift card winner, kindly donated to Action Against Hunger👏)

If you’ve missed signing up for this first tournament, we will host a second one on Discord soon! Make sure you join us on Discord so you don’t miss the announcement.

Have fun and battle on!
~ Brandon