Custom Fleet is here!

The most frequently requested feature is here! You can now design your own fleet. Want a fleet with only monsters? You can do that! Want a fleet with all the sonar units? You can do that too! The sky (the sea?) is the limit.

With custom fleet, we’ve also updated certain abilities (mainly, Longboat’s combo attack has been nerfed slightly). Read more on the update log.

Tournament 2

Our second tournament continues! From 70 players now down to the Sweet Sixteen round, it’s been an exciting week for participants and observers. Follow along on the Discord channel, check out the match result page, and see the tournament bracket progress.

BattleClub Earlybird Discount

There is still time to use the EARLYBIRD discount when you sign up for Battle Club!

Battle Club gives you new ways to play BattleTabs — new ships and fleets to hone your BattleTabs strategies, animated avatars to show off your club membership, additional stats, more customisation options, and exclusive access to private Discord channels and events!

Battle On!

- Brandon