BattleTabs Captain's Log — Community Content

You might have noticed there have been a wave of updates coming at you every day this week! After we launched the big feature Custom Fleets last week, we are pushing out quality of life updates this week - things that we couldn’t get around to improving earlier. Read more about the updates from the announcements channel. (Here’s how you can manually update the extension)

We are also starting work on new ships. We will start sharing some concept art and planning for new ships coming in the next few weeks. 😎 (and Battle Club members will get to try them first!)

Many of you are sharing your fantastic custom fleets on Discord, and a lot of great ideas for new ships and units too! Join our Discord community to share and join in on the fun!

Tournament 2

We are entering the Elite Eight and Final Four rounds! Here’s a fun replay by Edgy Text Yes (MrRicky)

You can follow along on the Results Page, see the current bracket and standing on Challonge, and join the discussion on Discord

Battle Club Earlybird Discount

There is still time to use the EARLYBIRD discount when you sign up for Battle Club!

Battle Club gives you new ways to play BattleTabs — new ships and fleets to hone your BattleTabs strategies, animated avatars to show off your club membership, additional stats, more customisation options, and exclusive access to private Discord channels and events!

Battle On!

- Brandon