BattleTabs Captain's Log — Discord Bot Commands, Tournament Final, and Community Content!

Discord Commands

We have added new functions to our Discord bot. Now you can directly invite another player to battle on Discord, and check out stats and match histories. Give it a try on our Discord server!

Tournament 2 - Final and Bronze Matches!

It all comes down to this - AnikaitGupta VS HuddyBuddy in our FINAL ROUND! I am expecting intense battles with Rogue vs Reveal & Snipe!

And don’t forget the Bronze match: WillTheSeasoned VS Kraz — two of the top players from our Discord community. Will they battle it up with Reveal & Snipe and Vikings?!

You can follow the tournament along on the Tournament 2 results page and the Discord tournament 2 channel.

Community Content

Kraz shared his battles in the Final Four round — always entertaining to watch these top plays!

Did you know people are doing Speed Runs on BattleTabs?! I had no idea this was possible! ;) Kraz shared his run here - current world record holder at 29 minutes and 20 seconds!

Helpfulghost created fan animations for BattleTabs. Here’s one for people who main Reveal & Snipes - a painful experience that’s all too familiar… 😆

Find more community content from the #hall-of-fame channel on Discord!

Concept Art — Puffafish!

We are hard at work on new units! We have three in testing at the moment and they are certainly changing how I play the game already. Sharing another one of my favourite concept art for the new units below :)

Battle On!