Custom Avatars, Galleon Tweaks, Community Videos and 2v2 Tournament

🎩 Custom Avatars 🎩

You might have noticed a new look to player avatars! Now you can customise your look on BattleTabs. Click on the avatar picture on your profile page to get started.

🛡 Battle Club Giveaway 🛡

Watch the championship battles from our Mini Tournament 1 - Kraz vs TheEllipse. Both players had recorded their games for our enjoyment. Kraz is also giving away three 1-month Battle Club memberships! See his video for more details:

You can also find TheEllipse’s video for an alternative perspective on their battles :)

⚓️ Galleon Changes ⚓️

Changes coming to Medium Galleon on v15! This update has been submitted to Chrome Web Store for review and should be available to you in the next day or two. (You can check your version number in Settings)

  • Its cooldown no longer resets when it is hit
  • Its ability is simplified to be “Attacks twice”, with a reduced cooldown of 3
  • Medium Galleon is renamed to Galleon

The previous tweak required a level of game knowledge to counter - which wasn’t our original intention for this ship. We wanted the ship to be easy to use and simple to understand. We’ve reverted this change, and lowered its cooldown and attack ability accordingly. We like the cooldown reset idea and will design a unique new ship around it!

Join the #battletabs channel on Discord to discuss the changes and let us know if you have any suggestions!

🎉 2v2 Team Tournament 🎉

We have a new tournament and this time around, it’s a 2v2 team tournament! Go to the #Tournament channel on our Discord to learn more about how you can join.

🎥 Shareable Replays 🎥

You can now share your replays with anyone! There is a new “Share” button at the top left corner on the Replay screen. A link will be copied to your clipboard when you click on it, allowing you to share the replay by sharing that link.

Additionally, #battletabs-live channel on Discord now shows replay links on battles too.

✨ Reviews ✨

If you’ve enjoyed BattleTabs, please leave us a review to help more people discover the game! We read every review and appreciate all the great feedback - very encouraging for us to keep working on the game and making it better and better! 😀

Battle On! (and check out my new avatar 😊 )