BattleTabs Emotes and New Ships - See Slug, Magic Mirror

😎 BattleTabs Emotes

There is a new set of Emotes for you to use - BattleTabs Emotes! This is our very first set of custom emotes. You can find them in the same emote wheel where current emotes are located. Love to know what you all think! 😀

⚓️ New Ships - See Slug (Battle Club), Magic Mirror (Everyone)

See Slug is our new addition to the game, available to Battle Club members! It’s a powerful unit if you are looking to build a intel fleet. It’s cool down is “1” (ready after each turn), and reveals two tiles of your choice.

Magic Mirror was the unit that won the vote to become available for all players! It copies the last ability the opponent had used. We’ve seen some crazy catamaran back and forth actions with this - give it a go!

Share the fleet you build with it on Discord! 😀

🛡 Battle Club Giveaway

Kraz is giving away three 1-month Battle Club memberships! See his tournament video for more details:

🎉 2v2 Team Tournament

The 2v2 Team Tournament had started! You can follow along on the tournament channel, and check out some of the replays here!

✨ Reviews

If you’ve enjoyed BattleTabs, please leave us a review to help more people discover the game! We read every review and appreciate all the great feedback - very encouraging for us to keep working on the game and making it better and better! 😀

Battle On!