Ship Balances, AI + Ship Editor, and a Guide to Making Fleets

Ship Balances, AI + Ship Editor, and a Guide to Making Fleets

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer (or winter for those of you down south)! We are hard at work in bringing a whole new progression system and UI upgrade to the game. Nothing to show just yet, but here are some fantastic BattleTabs content for you to enjoy. 😃

Design — BattleTabs Ship Balances

In this blog post, game designer Tom walks us through the process and thinking behind the ships, particularly when it comes to balancing ships. There is a lot to consider! 🤔

BattleTabs Ship Balance

AI and a Ship Editor (fan project)

We are constantly asked to make an AI opponent, or a way for people to create their own ships. Awesome suggestions that we haven’t been able to tackle with our tiny team. Fortunately, Moenen from our awesome community had taken it upon themselves to make a bot (and eventually a ship editor) for the game! It has just been released last Friday. You can download it here (PC/Mac), and follow the project along on GitHub (Unity). Fantastic stuff! 🙌

Beginner’s Guide to Making a Fleet

Flyspeck101 has created a beginner’s guide to creating a great custom fleet, going over important concepts of ship combinations and core strategies, with a handy summary to get you started. Read the guide here. 😉

We are on Google Play (Chromebooks)

🚀 BattleTabs is now officially published on Google Play on Chromebooks! 🚀

If you are using a Chromebook, this is fantastic way of installing the game as an app. Now it can be played without having other tabs distracting you from winning your battles!

Download Here

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