Oct'21 Community Content!

We LOVE our community! We see fun new community content all the time at our Discord server. Here are a few highlights from the past few weeks.

BattleTabs Fandom Wiki โ€” @Helo(GIWL3hw4B) started a wiki for BattleTabs on fandom! With updated tutorials and FAQs. I am sure more content will be added here from the community! :)

BattleTabs Tier List (v4) โ€” @[MOD]bpf(e9ddP1E8h) has updated his popular tier list for BattleTabs ships. (discussion)

BattleTabs Challenges โ€” u/Flyspeck101โ€™s created a list of challenges for you to complete! Together with a Random Fleet Generator.

BattleTabs Tips and Tricks โ€” @Demon Lord James also started a page for BattleTabs Tips and Tricks (to be updated continuously)

BattleTabs Points Calculator โ€” @[FSP]Flyspeck101(YcnXYdPxd) has created a BattleTabs Calculator if you want to find out how your BattleTabs points and win rates are determined

Common Misconceptions in BattleTabs โ€” @[FSP]Flyspeck101(YcnXYdPxd) explains some common misconceptions in BattleTabs.

Fleets analysis โ€” @[FSP]Flyspeck101(YcnXYdPxd) going through some of their fleets with some nice analysis! (some balance changes had come in since the post but I still think itโ€™s a great analysis)

We are also having loads of fun on Discord!

I also found a fan project porting the original BattleTabs (now Battle Tabs Classic) to Python Battle Tabs Classic fan project - python port

You can find more fun community content in our Hall of Fame channel on Discord

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