New Obscure Ability and Community Mod to Add Color Filter

New Ability - Obscure!

We are introducing a new mechanic - the ability to “obscure” a tile! This effectively un-reveals a tile that your opponent had previously revealed. And I know what you are thinking… yes this hides those revealed with ship tiles (with the orange dot in the middle) too! Which means this can be an effective counter to Coracle and other units relying on those pesky orange dots :)

The first unit to have this ability is our trusted Sea Monster. Whenever its ability is used, a tile from your board is randomly selected and obscured - restoring the tile to its original state.

I was already a big fan of Nessie (the community nickname for the Sea Monster) - and now it’s going to be in most of my custom fleets! ;)

Community Mod — Playing with Colors

Flyspeck (aka Skyla) from our Discord server released a new modding tool to apply different filters to BattleTabs! I know a lot of you have been asking for a dark mode. While we wait until we could implement this, feel free to give this fun mod a try!

Filter for BattleTabs:

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We are on Google Play (Chromebooks)

🚀 BattleTabs is now officially published on Google Play on Chromebooks! 🚀

If you are using a Chromebook, this is fantastic way of installing the game as an app. Now it can be played without having other tabs distracting you from winning your battles!

Download Here

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