Brandon Wu

Business, Production

  • Electronic Arts - The Sims series
  • Sony - headquarter strategy & partnerships.
  • Managed production of app-store-featured games for house-hold brands Alicia Keys, Dog Man (from the author of Captain Underpants), Disney
  • Member of BAFTA

Michael Cann


  • Founding member of Playdemic (social games, sold to RockYou, TT Games)
  • 10 years of browser extensions experience, 8 published extensions, over 50K users
  • A multi-faceted developer, built front-end and back-end systems, games, machine learning, blockchain apps

Alan MacFarlane


  • BAFTA and Emmy winning artist
  • 20+ years of experience working on apps, games, education, animation for web and TV as a general 2D/3D artist / illustrator and animator, as well as managing art teams and art directing.
  • Past clients have included the BBC, Channel 4, Ubisoft, Sony and Zynga.
  • Art Director at Playdemic

Tom Kail

Game Design

  • Senior developer at award winning indie studio Inkle Studios
  • 10 years experience designing and developing indie games